How often do you find yourself in a crisis or stressful situation and end up isolating yourself, internalizing what is happening and all the probable/improbable scenarios and end up with your head spinning?

This is exactly what happened to me yesterday, my mind was spinning: questions, spiralling thoughts and potential scenarios. My mind was going 1000 miles per hour.

Why do we do that? and How do we change it?

My answer is: Reach out.

Reach out to friends, relatives, colleagues, teachers… Reach out.

You will most likely always find a kind word and listening ear, as well some good advice that comes from a clear mind.

Remember you don’t have to take the advice, but taking the time to stop your spinning mind, and opening up to someone often makes us realize what we should do.

Just listening to ourselves explaining to someone else what is happening makes us see things in different light compared to just internalizing things over and over.

So don’t be afraid, don’t isolate yourself, reach out and open up.





Advanced EFT (Tapping) practitioner

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