Is your mind a wild river?

What have you been thinking about today?

Have you noticed the mind never stops?  It only does when we put our attention to it and focus on slowing down the river of thoughts continually flowing…

So think about how your day went…

Were you busy busy busy running around doing things you have on your ever increasing to do list or were you fully present, in the moment, while doing each task/chore?

Remember “…the mind has incredible momentum, and will drag you along like a wild river” (from Practicing the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle).

If you feel you are being dragged by the river, stop now, sit down, take 5 minutes, close your eyes and just be conscious of your breathing. Let your body relax and your conscious mind take over by being fully present in what you are doing.

Stop the wild river. Give yourself 5 minutes! You deserve it.





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